Elemental Evil

Adventure Notes 3/22

Having resolved the issues in Silverymoon, the party turned back towards Red Larch. After a few minor travel incidents, they retraced their steps to the tower of the Fire Cult, where they found a lava tube under the ruins that led to the stronghold of Fire. After defeating some explodey-guards and some regular guards, they are now deep in the fortress.

Adventure Notes 2/5

The party did some investigating with various contacts anhtamulet. After exploring a few leads, the party stumbled upon a curio shop with some cultists in it. They turned over the cultist to the guard and delved into the sewers, where the party slayed a black dragon and recovered the amulet. They learned that the head inspector was in league with Earth cultists and stole the amulet using sleeping gas. The party returned the amulet to the Queen (while the inspector got away) and finally went shopping.

When the party returned to the inn they found a party of Border Kingdoms guards waiting to capture Elaessa and take her home.

Notes from 1/21

The group decided not to take up the Air cultist’s offer to fly to Silverymoon due to the fear of heights issue with Grom and Elaessa, so they hired a carriage to Silvermoon instead. The 20-day journey was full of adventure.

- Cross the Stone Bridge and encountered dwarven pilgrims of Moradin.
- In Beliad, went carousing and Grom joined a sorority, while Tigson broke a fancy wizard’s astrolabe.
- Repelled attacks of bugbears and mephits
- Ambushed by a horde of ogres and managed to destroy them

Finally arrived in Silverymoon to find out that the city is on lockdown due to a stolen magic items.

Notes for 11/19
Scarlet Moon Hall, Red Larch & Feathermoon Spire

The party wiped out the fire cultists in Scarlet Moon Hall, including destroying a Fire Elemental with a Wall of Water scroll. Mordecai tried to take on a group of giant bats on his own and managed to kill two before passing out.

When the group got back to Red Larch, Constable Harburk treated them to some free drinks at the Helm at High Sun tavern. However, a Crushing Wave cult spy, the Red Larch ale buyer Justarn Deihl, poisoned the drinks. Thia was the only one to feel the ill effects. The party sought out Justarn and caught him as he was preparing to skip town.

The next day, a message arrived from Savra Belabranta, inviting the party to join the air cult. They decided to take her up on her offer and were presented to Aerisi Kalinoth, the leader of the the Cult of Howling Hatred, after undergoing initiation. Thurl Merosska then offered to send the group to Silvermoon via air mounts, so the party could stock up on magical items before facing off against the deep temple fire cult.

Notes for 10/15
Downtime & Scarlet Moon Hall

The party was hired to escort a caravan from Womford back to Red Larch. Along the way they were attacked by Crushing Wave cultists, whom they defeated.

Back in town, the days had turned to autumn and preparations were being made for Brewfest. A convoy of brewers from Mirabar was expected sometime this ten-day. The party took a few days off to carouse and work on skills. During the carousing Thia pulled a Lady Godiva on the town and Grom had to pay someone to clean up the defecating he did on the Rotary Club statue.

Tigson also went carousing and woke up in an unfamiliar inn, in the small settlement of Rundreth Manor. Merely a collection of shacks, the area was overshadowed by the ruins of the manor up on a hill. Tigson was warned by the innkeeper that the manor was haunted by the “Dark Lady” and a bard at the inn sang a sad song about a murder-suicide and ghosts condemned to that place. When Tigson investigated he found a human woman watching the ruins, who warned him that the manor was the lair of a dragon and cultists had attempted to sway the dragon to join them, but did not return.

Tigson went back to Red Larch and told this story to Elaessa and Mordecai. Ele and Mord shared that they were interested in the dragon but wanted to visit the city of Silverymoon for personal reasons. They were interrupted by a visit from Mangobarel Lorren who offered Mordechai a job from their mutual friends. A mysterious druid named Elizar Dryflagon had set up camp at a ruined hall up in the Dessarin Hills and was attracting followers by promising to show them a sacred rite called the Rite of the Wicker Giant. This rite would supposedly restore nature’s balance in the region. Mordechai needs to investigate and learn the magical secrets of this rite.

The next day the convoy of ale from Mirabar arrived early, so the Brewfest festival began. The party ran into Constable Harburk at the fair, who told them attendance was down because of the draw of the Rite of the Wicker Giant. The party decided to set out to Scarlet Moon Hall.

Approaching the Hall, they saw many small camps set all over the hillside. Circling around them, the party approached Scarlet Moon Hall from the north, climbing over a ruined wall and into a sunken area, where they were attacked by two Hellhounds and a fire cultist. Grom then shapeshifted into a wereboar, revealing that he had been cursed with lycanthropy during the encounter with the Crushing Wave.

Notes for 9/24
End of the Riverlords

The party came back up from below Rivergard Keep, where they impressively beat down the keep’s jarl, Grimjaw. With most of the cultists out searching for the missing treasure barge, they met light resistance taking out the rest of the water cult’s aboveground leadership. After looting the keep, they sailed off down the Dessarin river, back to Womford.

And Grom’s now a wereboar.

Notes for 6/25
Sacred Stone Monastery, Part II & Rivergard Keep

The party returned to Sacred Stone Monastery where they confronted some Minotaur guards, made friends with Sir Renwick Caradoon and found the entrance to Tyar-Besil. They convinced Renwick to cast Arcane Lock upon the gate to Tyar-Besil and put boulders or other impendiments to prevent the cultists from coming up the tunnel.

Returning to Womford with their treasures, the party continued to hear rumors about the “womford bat” that stole townsfolk away at night. After dark they wandered about town but the only activity was a keelboat setting sail up the river. They stopped to talk to the crew, which was the same group they had encountered before. A fight broke out, they killed the group which was determined to be water cultists, and dumped their bodies in the river. The next day the party told the innkeeper that they had purchased the boat and he agreed to keep it for them.

Making their way back to Red Larch, Grom reunited with Jalessa Ornra and went carousing, where he had a strange encounter with Grund and got lost in the woods. The rest of the party worked on downtime skills and crafting, as well as selling their loot. They then returned to Womford where they took the boat up to Rivergard Keep.

Gaining relatively friendly entrance to the keep, the party received a curt and simple welcome from Jolliver Grimjaw. Given berths in the barracks, after some observation (and a brawl), the party determined that most of the keep’s inhabitants were actually mercenaries and could be bribed to turn on the water cult. They bought them off and commissioned them to steal the large keelboat docked in the bay. In order to do this the party set fire to the stables and bluffed that the fire cult was attacking.

Using the mercenaries and fire as cover, the party snuck into the Great Hall of the main tower and discovered a bunch of important papers and a secret staircase. The stairs led down to a hidden dock on an underground river. Taking boats from the dock (after fighting off ghouls), the party floated more than two miles down the river until they reached (presumably) Tyar-Besil. There they were met by more powerful cultists and elementals. After bluffing their way into asking for reinforcements, the party took out low level guards but had to retreat when a horde of elementals showed up.

Notes for 6/18
Sacred Stone Monastery, Part I

With Lady Ushien Stormbanner and Thurl Merosska both encouraging the party to check out Sacred Stone Monastery, the party traveled there. Knocking on the door obtained an unfriendly welcome, so the party found an open door and snuck in. Opening the first room they came from, they unwittingly stumbled into Abbess Hellenae training some Black Earth monks. After a tough fight, she and her cronies were dispatched. Her dying words revealed the existence of someone named Marlos.

Going into the monastery’s depths, the party convinced some slow-witted mercenaries that there was a new cult hand symbol (live long and prosper.) Using that, they were able to free the prisoners including Bruldenthar, a sage that was traveling with the Mirabar convoy. Bruldenthar told Mordecai that the precious books he had been carrying were given to water cultists as payment for transporting the prisoners down the river. He begged Mordecai to recover the books. The party also learned that the group was attacked by air cultists and that earth and air cultists are mortal enemies. The rest of the Mirabaran delegates were taken somewhere else, perhaps the mines. Bruldenthar was kept around as a scribe and forced to copy earth propaganda. Marlos is the Prophet of Earth and he had found some kind of magical weapon. He wants to do something with a Black Geode that will reshape the earth.

The party was able to rescue the prisoners and dispatch a few guards. Returning to Summit Hall with them, they rested and then left Mordecai to study and research to find out more about the elemental cults. Lady Ushien let one of her knights, Sir Farnsworth Bequila, accompany you in his place to your return to the Monastery.

Returning to the monastery found new guards in place – duergar or grey dwarves. Scouting through the mines under the monastery revealed a crypt wherein the body of Sir Reginald Daly was concealed. Returning the body to Summit Hall fulfilled an Order of the Gauntlet mission for Tigson. It also allowed the party to free the rest of the prisoners (but the missing delegates weren’t among them.) They also took out Qarbos, the new abbot. Returning Sir Daly’s body to Summit Hall, the party resolved to return to the monastery one more time to completely root out the evil there.

Notes for 6-4
Womford, Summit Hall & Feathergale Spire

Due to increasing panic in Red Larch over the missing dwarf group from Mirabar, the party set out on the southern road to Summit Hall, by way of Womford.

They were attacked by a vicious pair of perytons before reaching Bargewright Inn, but fought them off. At Womford, the innkeeper of “Half-a-Hole Inn” warned them about the “Womford Bat” that steals away victims in the night. An evening patrol turned up nothing other than a keelboat at the docks, loading and unloading crates marked with a strange symbol:

Coming back very late in the evening, the keelboat had left empty crates on the dock and sailed off. No other suspicious behavior was noted.

Traveling on to Summit Hall was uneventful. Lady Ushien Stormbanner thanked the group for coming and noted that her knights had searched the general vicinity of Summit Hall without finding the missing party. The only other notable thing she could think of was that a reclusive order of monks had moved into a ruined abbey nearby recently.

The party proceeded north towards Beliard but spotted circling vultures before reaching the town. This led them to the site of a battle where Mirabar escorts lay dead, victims of powerful earth magic and bugbears. Following the trail left by the bugbears led down to the river, where boats took them who knows where. The only thing around the area was a tall white tower that looked like a sword off in the distance.


Approaching this tower, it turned out to be Feathergale Spire, a club for rich Waterdelvian aerial enthusiasts. They hosted the party to a feast, which was interrupted when a Manticore was spotted in the airspace nearby. Mordecai declined to participate, and Grom was too afraid of heights to do more than shout at it from the ground, but the rest of the party assisted the Feathergale Society in dispatching the manticore. Tigson was awarded an engraved garnet ring for striking the killing blow.

Thia pointed out that manticores typically have lairs, so the party tricked Grom into coming with them aboard the Feathergale’s hippogryphs to search for the lair. Upon finding it, the party dealt with the other manticore, and turned up the body of a missing Tree Ghost named Mork.

Returning to Feathergale Spire, Captain Thurl Merosska confided in the party that he was also concerned about the monks at the Sacred Stone Monastery and he feared they were evil. Merosska didn’t know anything about the missing Mirabarians but suggested the monastery might have something to do with any suspicious activity in the area. He marked your map with the location of the monastery.

Notes for 5-28
The Necromancer's Cave

Based on the map found in Garas’s (earth cultist) room at Mother Yalantha’s, you traveled to Lance Rock and found the cave of a Necromancer. After slaying a bunch of zombies and skeletons, you confronted the Necromancer himself. You tricked him into thinking you would leave him alone if he agreed to let you install a dwarven door on the cave, then attacked and killed him.

He had a driftglobe and Wand of Magic Missles in his possession. There was also a strange eye-like symbol in his private chamber. He mentioned to Mordechai that his power came from Elemental Evil and he knew nothing of the Old Gods.


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