Elemental Evil

Notes for 10/15

Downtime & Scarlet Moon Hall

The party was hired to escort a caravan from Womford back to Red Larch. Along the way they were attacked by Crushing Wave cultists, whom they defeated.

Back in town, the days had turned to autumn and preparations were being made for Brewfest. A convoy of brewers from Mirabar was expected sometime this ten-day. The party took a few days off to carouse and work on skills. During the carousing Thia pulled a Lady Godiva on the town and Grom had to pay someone to clean up the defecating he did on the Rotary Club statue.

Tigson also went carousing and woke up in an unfamiliar inn, in the small settlement of Rundreth Manor. Merely a collection of shacks, the area was overshadowed by the ruins of the manor up on a hill. Tigson was warned by the innkeeper that the manor was haunted by the “Dark Lady” and a bard at the inn sang a sad song about a murder-suicide and ghosts condemned to that place. When Tigson investigated he found a human woman watching the ruins, who warned him that the manor was the lair of a dragon and cultists had attempted to sway the dragon to join them, but did not return.

Tigson went back to Red Larch and told this story to Elaessa and Mordecai. Ele and Mord shared that they were interested in the dragon but wanted to visit the city of Silverymoon for personal reasons. They were interrupted by a visit from Mangobarel Lorren who offered Mordechai a job from their mutual friends. A mysterious druid named Elizar Dryflagon had set up camp at a ruined hall up in the Dessarin Hills and was attracting followers by promising to show them a sacred rite called the Rite of the Wicker Giant. This rite would supposedly restore nature’s balance in the region. Mordechai needs to investigate and learn the magical secrets of this rite.

The next day the convoy of ale from Mirabar arrived early, so the Brewfest festival began. The party ran into Constable Harburk at the fair, who told them attendance was down because of the draw of the Rite of the Wicker Giant. The party decided to set out to Scarlet Moon Hall.

Approaching the Hall, they saw many small camps set all over the hillside. Circling around them, the party approached Scarlet Moon Hall from the north, climbing over a ruined wall and into a sunken area, where they were attacked by two Hellhounds and a fire cultist. Grom then shapeshifted into a wereboar, revealing that he had been cursed with lycanthropy during the encounter with the Crushing Wave.


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