Elemental Evil

Notes for 11/19

Scarlet Moon Hall, Red Larch & Feathermoon Spire

The party wiped out the fire cultists in Scarlet Moon Hall, including destroying a Fire Elemental with a Wall of Water scroll. Mordecai tried to take on a group of giant bats on his own and managed to kill two before passing out.

When the group got back to Red Larch, Constable Harburk treated them to some free drinks at the Helm at High Sun tavern. However, a Crushing Wave cult spy, the Red Larch ale buyer Justarn Deihl, poisoned the drinks. Thia was the only one to feel the ill effects. The party sought out Justarn and caught him as he was preparing to skip town.

The next day, a message arrived from Savra Belabranta, inviting the party to join the air cult. They decided to take her up on her offer and were presented to Aerisi Kalinoth, the leader of the the Cult of Howling Hatred, after undergoing initiation. Thurl Merosska then offered to send the group to Silvermoon via air mounts, so the party could stock up on magical items before facing off against the deep temple fire cult.


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